Environmental Policies

We recognise that our business has an effect on the environment and have made commitments to sustainable development, environmental conservation and prevention of pollution.

We endeavour to achieve the following:

  • Comply with relevant environmental legislation and codes of practice in Australia.
  • Conserve natural resources by initiating better management of energy and water usage and waste production, ensuring our waste to landfill is reduced and our recycled matter is increased.
  • Provide training and create an environment that encourages sustainability for our employees to work in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Engage with our principals and stakeholders on our environmental initiatives.
  • Measure our environmental performance on a regular basis and continue to improve our environmental standards.
  • Optimise packaging to achieve resource efficiency and reduce environment impact without compromising the product safety by using SPG.
  • Work in association with our suppliers and contractors in developing a green supply chain for all goods and services provided, including paper sourced from sustainable forests, eco-friendly inks and sustainable waste management practitioners.
  • Preferentially select contract manufacturers and service providers who are able to demonstrate their environmental responsibility.
  • Design energy and resource efficiency into new warehouses and office buildings.
  • Communicate the policy and these objectives to our employees, contractors, vendors, suppliers and the public in order to enhance the awareness of these groups to our commitment to responsible environmental management.

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