Health & Safety

BAM requires operations at its workplace to be carried out in a safe and healthy manner.

The company ensures that safe working areas, safe systems of working together with safe material handling procedures and protective equipment are a high priority and standard at all workplaces.

In order to achieve these goals, the company provides adequate safety and health training to all it's management and workforce.All work is performed with the minimum risk to health and safety by providing adequate information, instruction, training and supervision to employees in safe and healthy methods of work.

An injury procedure which includes a Rehabilitation Policy is mandatory.

The company expects all members of the workforce to take reasonable care of their own heath and safety and that of other workers in the workplace and to comply with the company health and safety requirements.

All BAM drivers and carriers are subject to our Driver Fatigue Management Plan.

We also ensure that all employees and/or subcontractors and students employed at our workplaces are provided with a safe and healthy environment.