BAM is proud to be Australia’s preferred wine and beverage logistics solutions partner.

We strive to bring best practice into every aspect of daily operations, ensuring our values are consistent with the standards that customers and clients expect from us as a premium logistics provider.

We do this with a passionate commitment to be the best, bringing extensive industry experience, specific product knowledge, consistent processes and a flexible service platform.

What we offer

  • Temperature-controlled storage throughout eastern seaboard warehousing facilities.
  • Warehousing operations including pick and pack, inventory control, and order assembly.
  • Load preparation, booking and transport management.
  • Australia-wide metro & regional distribution network through our own fleet or carrier partners.
  • Wharf cartage and container stuffing / de-stuffing.
  • Key performance measurement, automated reporting and continuous improvement.
  • Business to consumer order assembly and distribution

Value-added services

  • Bonded warehousing
  • Re-packing / Kitting
  • Re-labelling
  • Pallet inverting
  • Inventory management
  • Clearance activities and destruction
  • Reverse logistics / Returns management
  • Container and wharf cartage

Inventory management

  • Receiving
    BAM has a robust set of processes and procedures for management of inbound freight. Product will be checked and put away against the provided and quoted purchase order including batch/vintage codes where required.
  • Stock visibility
    BAM is able to provide stock visibility through standard reporting to our customers.
  • Stocktakes
    BAM will conduct stock takes and cyclic counts as requested, and charge as per the ancillary charge within the rate schedule.
  • Batch (lot) tracking
    BAM provides the ability to batch track products - ensuring the FIFO method is applied when dispatching goods.
  • HACCP certification
    HACCP certification instantly demonstrates to our clients our commitment to storing and distributing beverage and food products in a safe manner, consistent with the high state-based regulations and guidelines. Our VIC, NSW and QLD distribution centres are all HACCP certified.

Transport operations

BAM’s transport network has been developed over 30 years of servicing the retail, hospitality and grocery market sectors.

Key features of the distribution network include:

  • Real time sign-on-glass capability for metro deliveries.
  • Simple charging structures with published lead times based on zones, both within states and interstate.
  • Robust driver training and management protocols. Full compliance with all legislation and codes of practice
  • A deep understanding of the on-premise market, and a belief that drivers are one of the customers’ key interfaces with your business.
  • Deliberately designed network flexibility to facilitate all types and sizes of delivery.

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